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spa dock:

Discover unique experiences, harmonize your body and mind.
Our Sea Spa awaits you with a circuit programmed thought meet your need and monitored by professionals.
Dry Sauna, Finnish bath, indoor heated pool with jacuzzi, mini-gym and multiple options for personalized therapeutic treatments.

Dock Hours of Spa:
Every day from 9-21 pm.

Treatments: ¨ A scent, a texture or a feeling will make you feel more comfortable with your body ¨

* Relaxing and Relieving
* Hair and anti-stress
* Nutrition capillary
Massage harmonization
* Reiki
* Reflexology
* Hot stones
* Bamboo Rods
* Skin cleansing
* Facial Rejuvenation
body Treatments
* Of Beauty
* Post-solar
* Clean up
* Peel and nutrition
Hand Care and feet
* Restorative Mud mask
* Beauty and toes
* Paraffin Bath
* Electro analgesia and tired legs
* Reducing - cellulite / Varicose Veins
* For splines